The Last Two Weeks in Review

by Gloria on January 22, 2012

So it’s been about 2 weeks since I’ve fully gotten back into my routine.  I’ve tried to maintain a good workout routine and a healthy balanced diet.  In terms of my workouts, I’d give myself an A+.  For diet, probably an A or B+ :) I definitely didn’t eat clean every day, but then again that wasn’t the goal.  The goal is to eat healthy most of the time, but if I want to indulge I will indulge and 1-2 cheat meal a week is acceptable.  However, over indulging is definitely not in the plan (ie. eating bad food all weekend or overstuffing myself on my cheat meals) but something I found myself doing at least once or twice a weekend.

So how did my workouts look these past 2 weeks?  Well since I like to track things on my own this is what I have in my personal tracking spreadsheet (Click to enlarge in separate window):

I always keep track of my heart rate using a heart rate monitor that straps around my chest that communicates with my watch.  To keep track of calories/average heart rate, etc. throughout my workout I just have to start the timer when I workout and stop it when I’m done and it does all the computing based on the data it received from my chest strap throughout my workout.  It’s pretty neat and I’ve been using one regularly during my workouts since I started working out in 1999/2000.  Though the calories you burn is directly correlated to how fast your heart rate is, I don’t depend on the accuracy of my monitor to tell me exactly how many calories I burn during each workout, but it does help me gauge how hard I worked.

You can see that even though I did the same workout Monday of week 1 and Monday of week 2 (Chest and Back), the average heart rate and calories burned were different.  This is because I was just getting back into things the first week and I couldn’t push myself as hard as I could the second week.

As well the time of the workouts were different.  When I do these dvd workouts I don’t always do the full workout if I don’t have enough time.  I’ll be honest, and most of the time it’s the warmup/stretch that gets cut short (not recommended!) and I always do my own cooldown/stretch afterwards.  When it comes to the workouts like Chest and Back it also depends on how many reps I can do.  If I’ve maxed out and Tony and his gang are still going hardcore, I just skip to the next workout.  I also tend to skip the 30-60sec waterbreaks.    So that’s just a little explanation as to why some of the info in the table above is inconsistent.

So overall I think I did very well the last 2 weeks with consistent, hard working workouts.  The first week I had an extra workout on Saturday, but unfortunately I forgot to wear my heart rate monitor so I just did a rough estimate on calorie burn.

Ok now onto nutrition.  I think that I was ok in terms of getting enough calories everyday.  During the weekdays, I had a few days where I skipped my afternoon snack because I was busy at work or too full from lunch.  Those are never good days because by the time I get home I’m starving!  I think my evening meals probably had a little more carbs than I normally prefer, but they were still nutritious (brown rice, sweet potato, whole wheat pasta) so I don’t think that’s much of a concern.  In general though, my body does not react well to carbohydrates.  I would classify myself as insulin resistant, which is something I’m trying to work on.

This week I had one day where I had to buy lunch (long story), but I made a fairly healthy choice and had a chicken breast in a whole-wheat wrap (with a slice of cheese and a little bit of mayo….) :)

Now let’s talk about the weekends.  I told you that I had China Buffet King last weekend and I managed to make healthy choices that I was proud of.  Saturday we cooked at home and also kept things balanced and healthy (ok we ate chicken fingers for lunch, but they were whole wheat!)  HOWEVER…Sunday I did not make the smartest choices.  We went to an auction on Sunday morning (11AM) after breakfast and stayed there until 3PM!  By the time we left I was starving and all I wanted was junk food.   Since my husband was the one who insisted on staying at the auction for so long he let me choose where we eat.  My first instinct was sushi, that would have been the smart choice.  But our sushi restaurant was so far away and most sushi places close down between lunch and dinner so I decided that I wanted…..nachos and chicken wings!! Yes, that’s right…nachos and chicken wings! I know, I was doing so good!  But alas, I gave into my craving and we went to Turtle Jacks and pigged out.  We shared a nachos with beef and shared a small order of wings.  Do I regret it? Not really, it was totally worth it, but now I just regret admitting it to you :)

So far this weekend we’ve eaten at home most meals except for dinner last night.  Last night we went to The Keg for our friend’s birthday.  No, I didn’t eat a salad and yes, I got drunk.  I’ll just leave it at that, lol :)   And now today is Chinese New Year’s Eve and we will be going out for Chinese food at noon with my sisters and their families.  I think I got my cheat meal out of the way yesterday so I’ll try to have some discipline today :)

So overall I think I did better on the weekends than I was doing in the recent past.  Maybe some of you think that I ate terribly, but you should have seen what we were eating before!  We were eating out breakfast, lunch and dinner on some weekends, so this is progress for me!

How did my body respond?  Well in 2 weeks, I lost 2lbs so that’s not too bad.  I didn’t deprive myself so I can’t say I’m disappointed.  I am now 125lbs and I was 124.4lbs before I left for my vacation so I’m getting close!  I did some measurements on Friday and I’m pretty much the same in that respect as I was before Christmas so the weight itself isn’t bothering me too much.  I hope you’re all doing well with your health and fitness goals, and if not tomorrow is Chinese New Years so you can start your resolutions again! :) Kung Hei Fat Choi!!

Kung Hei Fat Choy!




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